Crankshaft Grinding Services by Experienced Technicians – RA Power Solutions

RA Power Solutions provides onsite crankshaft grinding services for last four decades. Crankshaft having diameter up to 700 mm is repaired onsite without removing the crankshaft from the engine block.Crankshaft Grinding Services by Ra Power Solutions

The grinding of crankshaft onsite is possible by introduction of onsite crankshaft grinding machine which is portable, light weight and can be inserted from the inspection window of the engine block. RA Power Solutions also manufactures and sells crankshaft grinding machine. The crankshaft grinding services are offered by us through our technicians who are well trained in our workshop and have experience of providing crankshaft grinding services for last 30 to 35 years. After repair of crankshaft, the dimensional tolerances are maintained within 20 to 30 microns and surface finish as per the international standards.

Prior to undertaking grinding of crankshaft, all the major parameters of crankshaft i.e. dimensional inspection, hardness test, crack detection, deflection, etc. are checked.

In case the basic parameters are found within the repair limits, crankshaft grinding is undertaken. RA Power Solutions can maintain the tolerances strictly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. With the introduction of latest design of onsite crankshaft grinding machine the vibrations in the crankshaft grinding machine are reduced to minimum. This ensures maintenance of close tolerance and also facilitates grinding of crankshaft on board a vessel while it is sailing in high seas. The grinding of crankshaft while sailing of the vessel results to the considerable saving to the owners.
Crankshaft Grinding Machine Undertaking Grinding on Vessel   Repair of Crankpin is in Process by RA Power Solutions   Repair of Crankshaft on Board a Vessel

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