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RA power solutions having experience of four decades in on-site repair of major components like crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder heads and under takes complete overhauling of main and auxiliary diesel engines installed on vessel or on land for a power generation and other applications.

Overhauling of Wartsila Engine

Following are the main features:

  • Engine overhauling, engine repair and replacement of crankshaft is undertaken by RA power solutions for last four decades
  • Engineers and technicians are well experienced to attend any engine breakdown in shortest possible time, most of the engineers and technicians have experience of working in reputed engine manufacturers plant like Wartsila, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mirrlees Blackstone etc…
  • All the services pretaining to the repair of Crankshaft and major components of Diesel Engine is available in-house hence in case any component is found damaged at the time of overhauling of the engine the repair is undertaken by our technician on site and downtime is reduced. No need of calling third party for repairs.
  • RA power solutions undertakes one point guarantee for engine overhauling, engine repair and replacement of crankshaft as all parts are calibrated and inspection reports are prepared prior to reassembly of the engine
  • Crankshaft replacement,correction of crankshaft flange holes and all repairs of crankshaft is undertaken on site with a guarantee and in minimum time. The periodic overhauling as per engine manufacturers recomendation is undertaken.
  • Engineers and technicians undertaking engine overhauling,engine repair have valid CDC and can sail with the vessel this facilitates overhauling of main engine and auxiliary engine while sailing reducing downtime
  • RA power solutions undertakes engine overhauling, engine repair and crankshaft replacement of all makes and model of a high capacity diesel engines including : Mirrlees Blackstone, Ruston, Allen, Daiatsu, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Wartsila, SKL, Skoda, Pielstick, Cummins, Deutz, MAN, MAK etc.
Overhauling of Caterpillar
Overhauling of Caterpillar Engine
Inspection of connecting rod
Inspection of connecting rod
Cylinder head overhauling
Cylinder head overhauling











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