Turbine Alternator Repair

  • Onsite Grinding/Repair of Turbine shaft, Rotor shaft, crankshaft, pump shaft and Alternator journals is under taken.
  • Equipment available to execute on site repair of Turbine, crankshaft, Rotor and Alternator journal up to diameter of 700 mm and can be extended up to 1500 mm diameter.
  • Tolerance in terms of Taper and Ovality is maintained with in 20 microns of Turbine, crankshaft, Rotor Shaft, Alternator Shaft resulting to minimizing of vibrations.
  • Surface finish in terms of RA value maintained with in 0.30 microns after on site repair of Turbine Shaft, Alternator Journal, Rotor Shaft etc.
  • On site Inspection facilities for crack detection, hardness and surface finish test.
  • Facility for rebabbitting and manufacturing of white metal babbitt bearings.

On Site Repair Jobs executed More than 100 jobs have been successfully executed for Onsite Repair of Turbine Shaft, Rotor Shaft, Alternator Journal without removal. Recently we have executed a in situ Repair of Turbine Journal having following major specification:

Manufacturer Shandong Jinan Power Equipment,  China
Installation Location Madhya pradesh
Output  168.8 MVA
RPM  3000
Journal Specifications Dia 315 mm, width 400 mm



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