Rebabbitting of Bearing

Rebabbitting of White Metal Babbitt Bearing

We undertake manufacturing and repairing of white metal Babbitt bearings by centrifugal process for the various applications. We have latest facilities for rebabbitting of old white metal bearings which get worn out. We use centrifugal babbitting equipments with thyrister controller for precise speed control to get best results. We also use electrical furnaces for pre-heating and melting process to get required temperature. Irrespective of the grade of white metal used we ensure high quality and bonding of white metal for rebabbitting of bearings. Our rebabbitting services are regularly availed by large industrial and marine companies. We have in house machining facilities up to 1500 mm diameter of white metal bearing and for rebabbitting of bearings undertaken by us. We can maintain the tolerance within 30 microns, quality checks and NDT like die penetrate test and ultrasonic are under taken by qualified engineers with latest equipment to check the bonding of white metal. We have following facilities for manufacturing of White Metal babbitt bearings and also for rebabbitting of old and damaged bearings:

  • Thyrister control centrifugal babbitting and rebabbitting equipment.
  • Large Vertical boring machine which can accept a product weighing up to 30 tons and 4 meters in diameter.
  • Floor boring machine capable to undertake the job up to 13 meter in length.
  • For testing of White Metal Babbitt Bearing we have in house facilities.
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