In situ Metal Stitching and Metal Locking

Onsite insitu metal stitching of broken engine blocks, turbine casings and castings is undertaken. In the process of repair of cracked casting by metal stitching process no stresses are developed and in most of the cases there is no need of post repair machining to correct the misalignment.

Main Area of Application of Onsite Metal Locking and Onsite Metal Stitching:

  • Onsite Repair of damaged Crankcase, Turbine Casing, Castings by Metal Stitching and Metal Locking process.
  • Onsite Repair of Cracked, Broken Casting of Pillars, Hammers, Heavy Machine Tools, Forging Presses.
  • On site Metal Stitching or Metal Locking of Cement, Fertilizer, Steel, Sugar Plants, Machinery which get  damaged due to accident.
  • In situ Metal Stitching of Engine Block of Cast Iron.


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