Engine Block Line Boring

In situ line boring of large marine engine, diesel engines, compressor, gear boxes is undertaken. In case of serious damage of main journal housings of engine block we execute the repairs by fitment of sleeve which is line bored to maintain the alignment.

Our onsite engine block repair services include following:

  • On site Correction of main journal housing by undertaking on site line boring and maintenance of alignment as per the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Over sizing of main journal housings which are damaged by on site line boring machine, normally one or two main journal housing are recommended to be oversize by the manufacturers. Use of special bearings is required.
  • On site Metal Stitching of Casting which is cracked and fitment of Special Sleeve.
  • On site Rebuilding of main journal housing bores by on site line boring machine which are seriously damaged.
  • Correction of dowel pin holes, main journal caps, main journal cap bolt threads.



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