Crankshaft Grinding Services

Crankshaft grinding service is provided through our experienced engineers who are constantly on the move worldwide carrying portable and light weight crankshaft grinding machine.


The crankshaft grinding services are not only restricted to repair of crankshaft but it is also extended for repair of turbine shafts, fan shafts, alternator shafts, pump shafts and host of other engineering parts used in heavy industry, marine and auxiliary power equipment.


Crankshaft grinding and repair services offered by us are in wide range of circumstances whether it is a ship in high seas to a power plant in a remote area. In fact it is very common for RA Power Solutions engineers to board a vessel in one country and disembark at another country. This results to saving of time as it saves the vessel from berthing on the port or at anchorage.


Offering crankshaft grinding services and onsite crankshaft repair services for last 40 years have given us the experience of repairing even the crankshafts which are seriously damaged or are rejected by engine manufacturers. Of course the repairs carried by us and the crankshaft grinding services and onsite crankshaft repair services offered are strictly as per the technical specifications and tolerances stipulated in the manual.


All the crankshaft grinding services offered by RA Power are guaranteed for the satisfactory performance of the crankshaft after repair of Crankshaft and diesel engine.


Our crankshaft grinding services and onsite crankshaft repair services also includes complete calibration of crankshaft for hardness, crack, dimensions, etc. We also undertake replacement of crankshaft in case required.


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