Connecting Rod Repair

We undertake connecting rod repair, inspection and connecting rod resizing other inspection procedures followed by us are as follow:

  1. Non destructive test for crack detection.
  2. Checking of Straightness of connecting rod on DRDO machine before Repair of Connecting Rod and After the Repair of Connecting Rod.
  3. Machining and lapping of damaged Serration.
  4. Boring and grinding of Big end and Small end bores to remove taper and ovality.
  5. Tolerances maintained as per manufacturers specifications after Reconditioning of Connecting Rods.

After continuous running of marine engines the connecting rod develops taper and ovality. 

Repair of Connecting Rods – Main Features:


  1. Reconditioning of Connecting Rods is executed in designated work shop or on site depending on scope of work.
  2. Specially designed tools and equipments for lapping purpose.
  3. Dedicated boring machine equipped with DRDO to check straightness with in 10 microns and Resizing of Connecting Rods.
  4. Well established procedure for connecting rod repair.
  5. Experienced and dedicated engineers to execute for Reconditioning of Connecting Rod.
  6. Availability of In house technical data for different models of engines.
  7. Repair executed with guarantee.
  8. Capacity
  9. Repair of Connecting Rod big end bore ranging from 60 mm. to 650 mm.

We regularly undertake repair of Connecting Rods of MAN B & W, Caterpillar, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Fuji, Wartsila, Mirrlees Blackstone, Ruston, Skoda, SKL etc.

After Reconditioning of Connecting Rod big end bore is maintained and resized as per manufacturer specification.



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