Line Boring

RA Power solutions undertake onsite boring operation of various mechanical components like engine blocks, gear boxes, housing line boring, compressor, engine block line boring etc. The Line Boring is also under take of the liner sitting areas which get a damaged due to the accident. The Special Purpose line boring machine is operated pneumatically is portable and light weight. This facilitates the successful repairs onsite.

Following major jobs have been executes by RA Power recently.

  • Onsite Boring of cylinder liner landing area of Wartsila 18V32.
  • Onsite Line Boring of all main general housings of caterpillar engine having inner diameter of 280mm.
  • Over sizing of main general housing of fuji main diesel engine, fitment of sleeves and line boring.

Following Insitu Line Boring services are offered:-

  • On site Correction of main journal housing by undertaking line boring and maintenance of alignment as per the manufacturer’s arrangement.
  • Over sizing of major journal housings which are spoiled by on site line boring machine, normally one or two main journal housing are suggested to be oversize by the manufacturers. Use of special bearings is mandatory.
  • On site Metal stitching of Casting which is Cracked and fitment of Special Sleeve.
  • On site Rebuilding of main journal housing bores by on site line boring machine which are critically damaged.
  • Improvement of dowel pin holes, main journal caps, main journal cap bolt threads.

Capacity of Onsite Line Boring

  • Range of Line Boring equipment to cover from 75 mm. to 700 mm. in diameter.
  • Housing Bore size maintained strictly as per OEM standards and specifications.
  • Alignment checked and maintained as per OEM.


RA Power Solution
Line Boring
RA Power Solution
Line Boring


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