Wartsila Cylinder Liners

Cylinder Liners for Wartsila 32 series are manufactured by us. Cylinder liners of Wartsila 12V32, 18V32 and all the models of Wartsila engines having bore size of 320 mm are available.

As per Wartsila notification cylinder liners having length of 587mm have been introduced recently against the old Wartsila cylinder liner length of 672mm. Thus the new cylinder liners are 85mm short.


New and Reconditioned cylinder liners of Wartsila 12V32, Wartsila 18V32, etc. available in stock with guaranteed performance.

For more informartion regarding wartsila 12V32 cylinder liners and wartsila 18V32 cylinder liners, please email us on info@rapowersolutions.com


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Cylinder Liners of Wartsila 18V32
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Wartsila Cylinder Liner of V32 Series
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CYLINDER LINER for Wartsila 12V32
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Cylinder Liner for VASA 32 engines
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Cylinder Liners for Wartsila


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