Marine Engine and Marine Spares

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd sources marine engine and marine spare parts from ship breaking yards based in India and Bangladesh. The marine engines and spare parts of marine engines are thoroughly reconditioned at their works and are supplied with calibration reports and guarantee. RA Power Solutions specializes in all models of marine engines and spare parts of marine engine including Crankshaft, Connecting rod, Piston, Cylinder heads etc. RA Power Solutions specializes in Wartsila all models of diesel engines including Wartsila 6R32, 12V32, 18v32. Mirrlees Black Stone ESL, MAJOR K series Generators, Ruston, Allen, Daihatsu engine and spares are available. New spare parts for all make of marine engine are also exported. We specialize in supply of Grundfos Pump, Alfa Laval Plate heat Exchangers, Titanium Plates, Compressor, HFO pumps, Gaskets and all auxiliary equipments for diesel driven Power Plant. The reconditioned Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers increase the efficiency of generators. RA Power Solutions is having more than three decades of experience in undertaking repairs of major engine components like crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, liners, engine blocks etc. The marine engine and the spare parts of diesel engines are thoroughly inspected prior to dispatch and calibration report is submitted. We are presently serving shipping industry, diesel power plants chemical and engineering companies.



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