Cylinder Head

Cylinder head is important part of diesel engine which needs periodic inspection, overhaul and repairs to ensure satisfactory performance of diesel engine.

We remove cylinder heads from the engines which are not in operation and undertake inspection and complete overhaul if required.


Following procedure is adopted for reconditioning of cylinder heads:

I) Cylinder heads are cleaned with special chemicals.

II) Valve seat, valve guide and valves are checked for any abnormality and are replaced if required.

III) Cylinder heads are subject to crack detection by Magnetic particle and dye penetrant process.

IV) Cylinder heads are short blasted

V) Cylinder heads are subject to pressure test on the pressure specified by the manufacturer.

We maintain large stock of cylinder heads and other diesel engine spares for following engines.

Wartsila , Daihatsu , MWM , Caterpillar , MaN , MaK , B&W , Sulzer , Bergen , Detroit Diesel , Stork Werkspoor , Pielstick , Deutz , Yanmar , MTU , Cummins , Nohab Polar , Caterpillar , Mitsubishi , Yanmar , MaK 551 , MaK 552 , MaK 453 , MaK 451 AK , MaK 452 AK , Deutz 540 , Deutz 358 , Deutz 350, Pielstick PC 2.2 PC 2.5, Wartsila 524 ,Wartsila 824 TS, Sulzer 6 AL 25/30, Sulzer 5 AL 25/30 MWM TBD 484, MaN 40/54 , MaN Sulzer 12 ASV 25/30 , Sulzer 16 ZV 40/48 , Deutz BV 16M 540 , B&W 6L 45 GFCA, MAN B&W 55/GF, CAT D353, B&W 5T23LH, Daihatsu 6 PST 26D, Daihatsu 6 PSHTb 26M, Mak 6MU 451 AK, Deutz 6M 628, Caterpillar 3512, Deutz BV 12M 628, MWM TBD 234, WICHMANN 5AX, SKL 8NVD 48A-2U, Pielstick PC 2.2 LNR, Caterpillar 3508 and more.

All the cylinder heads supplied by us are subject to strict quality control, guaranteed for satisfactory performance and are priced lowest in industry.

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RA Power Solution
Cylinder Head After Short Blasting
RA Power Solution
Cylinder Head of MAK 601C Ready for Dispatch
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Cylinder Head -MAK 601C Under Inspection
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Cylinder Head of Wartsila 12V32
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Cylinder Head of Wartsila 46
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Cylinder Head of Wartsila 18V32


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