Crankshaft Repairs Made Easy – RA Power Solutions

Crankshaft grinding and polishing is an important activity which is required after running of engine for a long time as due wear and tear taper and ovality is created. Again in case of failure of bearing grinding and polishing of crankshaft is required. In olden times it was necessary to remove the crankshaft from the block and send it to the designated workshop for grinding and polishing.

The removal of crankshaft from the block involved disassembly of complete engine, packing and transportation to the workshop resulting to high down time and expensive. RA Power Solutions has developed, design and manufactured on site crankshaft grinding machine which can undertake grinding of crank pins or journals up to the diameter of 700 mm. The machine is capable of maintaining the tolerance within 0.02 mm in terms of taper and ovality. It is very easy to operate and needs minimum training.

The machine is light in weight can be taken to the site. The machine is in two parts and can be inserted in the engine block through the inspection window facilitating grinding of CR Pin without removal of crankshaft. The grinding and polishing is undertaken by same machine. RA Power Solutions suggest to polish and grind if necessary the crankshaft whenever it is open for major overhauling. This will considerably enhance the life of crankshaft, bearing and engine. The machine gets drive from a pneumatic turbine which is again light weight. The drive is also given by a electrical motor where the air supply is not available. The assembly of the machine and its operation can be seen on a YouTube channel

RA Power Solutions has supplied more than 100 machines to the clients based all over the world who are more than satisfied with its performance, quality and ease of operation.