Crankshaft repair is required in case of following abnormalities observed in the crankshaft – RA Power Solutions

  • Development of taper and ovality in crankpin and main journal of the crankshaft in access of tolerances stipulated by manufacturer

  • Development of bearing line marks, pitting and rough surface

  • Damage of radius profile due to accident or seizure of bearing of crankpin or main journal

  • Development of crack and variation in hardness of the crankpin and main journal of the crankshaft.

  • Loss of alignment of the crankshaft

Crankshaft repair is undertaken by RA power solutions of the crankpin and main journal of the crankshaft diameter ranging from 35mm to 700mm. Crankshaft repair is undertaken by experienced technicians who have been specifically trained in our workshop on a dummy crankshaft, the company has experience of more than four decades in crankshaft repair.

The on-site grinding equipment designed and manufactured by RA power solutions can maintain the close tolerance after crankshaft grinding within 0.02mm and the surface finish which is far superior to the international standards. Crankshaft grinding machine has a main frame manufactured out of titanium steel which makes it lighter and vibration free during operation. The grinding of crankshaft is possible even while sailing of the vessel and there is no requirement of holding the vessel at anchor or a port for crankshaft repair.

All the crankshafts repaired by RA power solutions are guaranteed for a satisfactory performance we have successfully executed more than 10,000 crankshaft repair jobs. The services of crankshaft grinding and crankshaft repair are offered on low cost and our technicians carry CDC of Indian origin, Panama, and Pallav.

Crankshaft repair
Crankshaft repair
On-site crankshaft repair
On-site crankshaft repair
Crankshaft repair machining
Crankshaft repair machining

Crankshaft Repair | Crankshaft Grinding and Crankshaft Polishing – RA Power Solutions

The concept of onsite repair of crankshaft is getting popular with the introduction of a portable lightweight on-site crankshaft grinding machine. Now it is possible to undertake crankshaft repair, crankshaft grinding and polishing on site without dismantling of the crankshaft from the engine.

On-site Crankshaft Repair, Crankshaft Grinding, and Crankshaft Polishing costs low with minimum downtime and inconvenience as it does not require removal of crankshaft from the engine block, packing and transportation to the designated workshop for repair by grinding or polishing process

Advantage of trusting RA power solutions

  • First company based in Asia having experience of four decades in Crankshaft Repair, Crankshaft Grinding and Crankshaft Polishing

  • All repairs of crankshaft and process followed for grinding of crankshaft and polishing of crankshaft are approved by class agencies of repute like DNV, Lloyds and various inspecting organisations spread all over the world

  • The repair of crankshaft is executed with a guarantee for the satisfactory performance, the pre and final inspection reports before and after grinding and polishing crankshaft are submitted

  • Technicians executing the repair of crankshaft onsite are highly skilled, trained in our factory on a dummy crankshaft in order to understand the techniques for successful repair of the crankshaft. Some of our technicians have experience of more than 45 years.

  • The onsite inspection and polishing of crankshaft repair is recommended to enhance the life of crankshaft and bearings

  • RA power solutions offers and undertakes inspection and polishing of crankshaft on board a vessel on a nominal cost

  • During our working of four decades on diesel power plant, shipping companies we have undertaken Crankshaft Repair, Crankshaft Grinding and Crankshaft Polishing number exceeding more than 10,000


RA power solutions has team of technicians with valid CDC from Panama, Palau, and India and can travel all over the world within a short notice

On site crankshaft grinding
On-Site Crankshaft Grinding
Crankpin grinding and polishing
Crankpin grinding and Polishing
On-site crankshaft repair
On-site crankshaft repair