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White metal Babbitt Bearing            White-metal-Bearings-300x198

White metal Babbitt bearing is used in engines, turbines, alternator, pumps and various other Rotating equipments. It is important that the grade and quality of white metal which is used for babbitting of bearing is selected based on the load characteristics, operational condition on the Babbitt bearing.

The white metal babbitting is done by centrifugal system and this ensures that the Babbitt white metal bonds properly with the steel base of the bearing. The quality of Babbitt bearing is checked by ultrasound for bonding.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. undertakes babbitting of white metal bearing up to 1500 mm inner diameter. The babbitting is done by the experienced technicians and is done by centrifugal process which ensures that Babbitt white metal forms a uniform layer. The grade and quality of white metal used for babbitting is carefully selected.

The in-house machining facility ensures that all the parameters of bearings are maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances.

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